[Attention]: 14 Foods We Often Store Incorrectly

Storing foods in our fridges is a daily habit for everyone, and we use fridge to store mostly everything; breads, sweets, fruits and vegetables. But this habit might be harmful for our life because each food stored differently. The list below explains how we can store foods correctly.

Foods that can be stored in cupboard and hidden from sunlight:

1. Bread

Keeping bread in the fridge is not a good idea because water evaporates quickly so the bread becomes stale very quickly. The best way is to put it in the bread box with a bit of salt to protect it from mould; and it is preferable to not keep the bread in the plastic bags because it can not breath and will be very soft. If we want to save it for a long time; we can put it in the freezer for 4 or 6 months.

2. Chocolate

stored in a cold and dark place no matter its type dark, black or caramel chocolate and we should not keep it in the fridge. If there is a difference in the temperature we will notice some water on the surface and it does not affect its taste.

3. honey

Honey has no shelf life and we should put it neither in the fridge nor in the freezer. The correct way to store honey is to save it in a dark and cold place. Therefore, your honey will last forever.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil must be stored at room temperature and very far from sunlight and pat attention to do not put it inside the fridge.

5. onions and garlic

For fresh and a long time, Onions and garlic are placed in a dry and cold place. For instance, we can tie them one another and keep them hanging in the kitchen. We should keep it away from the fridge because they will become covered in mould.

Foods the can be kept on a kitchen shelf or on a table:

6. Oranges and other citrus fruits

Oranges and other citrus fruits can be stored on the table kitchen. Saving this kind of fruits in the fridge will make it less tasty and less beneficial for your health.

7. avocados

Avocado is a sensitive fruit in storing. We can keep it at a low temperature at the fridge if it is ripe. But if the fruit is not fully ripe yet, you shouldn’t keep it in the fridge because the cold will slow down the ripening process

8. Cucumbers

Cucumbers should be put it away from the fridge in order to be fresh but we can keep it in the fridge for several days only.

9. Eggplant

Eggplant is also preferably to keep it outside the fridge to retain all its good qualities, and away from the sunlight.

10. tomatoes

Among the vegetables that should be kept at room temperature is tomato. Putting tomato in the fridge will lose its taste and flavour.

Things that are best stored in the fridge:

11. eggs

Concerning eggs; two different opinions were given by experts, the first group said that it should be kept in the fridge whereas the second one agreed to keep it at room temperature. However, both groups agreed to do not put it on the fridge door.

12. Flour

The right place for flour is the fridge because putting flour outside the fridge may lead to the appearance of bugs and bacteria.

13. nuts

It is better to keep nuts in the fridge far from the sunlight and humidity and in this way your nuts may be stored more than 9 months.

14. Celery

 Celery should be stored in the fridge without covering it with plastic film but we can use an aluminium foil.

What food storage secrets do you know about? Share them with other readers!

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