[Attention]: 9 foods you can use to keep your home sqeally clean

Most people think that household cleaners are safe for their health; however, most of these products are toxic and harmful for the human beings. Thanks god, we can replace them by a safer product that can really work in a better way.

According to some research done in Bright Side, we can use natural home cleaners for eco-friendly options. 

1- Bananas

Through bananas, we can make a trap for fruit flies. We need just an old banana, dish soap, and a jar. The sweet smell will attract the flies and the soap will make it very hard to get back out of the jar.

2- Soda Water

These kinds of drinks makea remarkable difference in removing strains from cloths while cleaning. And it has several uses. You can splash it over a bathroom mirror and wipe it off with a sponge. Also, we can use soda water to clean jewellery or countertop.


Rice will play an important role in cleaning bottles or vases that are hard to be cleaned. We can use a raw and uncooked rice as a scrub with a little bit of soap. This mixture can reach some areas that are hard to clean.

4- Potato Peels

Potato peels is used to clean the fireplace from burnt woods. We simply need to spread the potato peels inside the fireplace and it will automatically push out the burnt wood from your chimney.

5- Lemons

We can benefit a lot from lemons. A mixture of lemon juice and water can solve the problem while cleaning a microwave. 3 minutes inside the microwave set it on high and it will be cleaned. And we can wipe it down with a clean towel.

6- Grapefruit

Cut a large grapefruit in half and sprinkle it with salt. This eco-friendly tool can help you to clean deeply your tub and make new and shiny.

7- Ketchup

We can use some ketchup onto a pot and leave for some time then rinse it. This method will give your pots a shiny and new looking. And we can use to clean stainless steel too.

8- Onions

To clean your grill, for an easy and simple way use a halved onion on your grilling fork and will easily remove the grime and the grit. This kind of method will help you to get away from any chemical product.

9- Tea

Most people do not know that we can use tea on a hardwood floors. Use some tea directly on your hardwood floors and let it cool off, you will see that it becomes clean and shiny.

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