[ATTENTION] You must know this 10 common ways to understand your dog.

Language is the essential means of communication for human beings; however, the animals’ language might be different from ours, especially when it comes to dogs that use their body language to communicate. The time that you spend with your dog is very beneficial to know his movements and actions, and situations; when he is happy, sad, stress, or discomfort.

These are the ten common ways your dog may communicate with you.

1. Eye contact:

Dogs are very brilliant in communication using their faces especially their eyes.Constant and fixed eye contact show trust and confident toward you, but when your dog avoid eye contact, it is a sign of discomfort or he is scared of something.

2. Tail position:

Among the mostly known form of dog communication is tail movement. A happy dog can shakes his tail. For instance, when your dog moves his tail slowly, he feels cautious. When his tail is stiff and holds it high, he is in a warning situation and a low tail expresses content and satisfaction. All these emotions can be expressed by a tail posture.

3. Flicking the tongue:

This movement is accompanied by anxiety and the desire to calm down the owner because our dogs can understand our body language and they can be worried or anxious if we look disturb.

4. Sneezing and yawning:

Our dog sneeze or yawn in order to contact with us, perhaps he feels content. On the other hand, sneezing and yawning can express discomfort or stressed when new people exist or new pets. So, you should really know your dog to know what situation he means.

5. Belly exposure:

Dogs use the rest of their body to communicate with us. When he is rolling over his belly, he tries to please and satisfy you. Also, dogs can communicate with each other using this gesture.

6. Bowing:

The bowing is a way where the dog’s face, his front legs were put on the ground and his butt in the air. These famous dogs are known by playing bowing. So, for them it is the perfect time to play.

7. Raising a paw:

Your dog attracts your attention and engages you in his mode by raising his paw and start to touch you mostly in your knee.

8. Freezing:

If your dog freeze in the middle of an action or activity, it is very obvious that he wants some space and wants to be left alone. Therefore, we should respect him and give him a comfortable space.

9. Bringing things:

This action is very easy to be interpreted. When he brings you a ball or any kind of toys; simply, your dog wants to play with you. Sometimes dogs show emotion and tendency toward the owner by bringing their favorite toys and drop it at your feet.

10. Leaning against you:

The last way that your dog tries to communicate with you is through leaning against you. Physically speaking, dogs can not hug, but cuddling against you might be the best way to express affection toward his favorite human.

           These methods are the most common ways when it comes to dog communication; nevertheless, it is very important to keep in mind that not all dogs are the same,  the war dog  is different from the fat and toy breeds. So, the best thing to do is to spend more time with your pup to betterinterpret his habit and movements.

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